Interview with "Rue de la Mémoire"

Interview with “Rue de la Mémoire”

Interview by Ludovic Fresse, published in, 5.11.2014 (in French):

Memory Lab: Fifth annual study trip and workshop

The fifth annual “Memmemory lab logoory Lab” studytrip and workshop took place between 5–11 October 2014 in Kosovo and Macedonia, and gathered 40 representatives of “dealing with the past”-initiatives from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, the Netherlands …

Interview: “Self-criticism – one of the crucial factors for creating a constructive dialogue about the past”

Interview published in “Sarajevo Times”, 1.10.2014:
Shorter version published in “Novo Vrijeme”, 22.10.2014:

Interview: "A different kind of remembrance"

Interview: “A different kind of remembrance”

Interview published in “Balkan Insight”,  25.6.2013

Wake up Europe

Wake up Europe

Postcard realized during the siege of Sarajevo by the designer group “Trio”.
Reproduced with courtesy of “Trio”