New publication: "The mother of all assassinations? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011" (In German and in BCS)

Die Mutter aller Attentate? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011 (The mother of all assassinations? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011), in: Vahidin Preljevic / Clemens Ruthner (ed.), “The long shots of Sarajevo”, 1914-2014. …

Interviews with "Buka" and "Balkan Insight" about Kazani and dealing with the past in BiH and the post-Yugoslav space

“Our Hero, Your killer: A Sarajevo Story”: Interview with “Balkan Insight”, conducted by Denis Dzidic, published online 10.8.2015: English   B/C/S
“Svi trebamo progovoriti gdje su nestale naše komšije u ratu” : Interview with “Buka”, conducted by Elvir Padalović and Aleksandar …

Published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation BiH, Sarajevo, first edition July 2015, second edition September 2016 with an additional afterword, available online as pdf:
German version: Moll UmgangCacoKazani DeutscheVersion
German version Afterword 2016: Nachwort2016 Kazani Moll Dt
Abstract: Two

The sixth annual studytrip and workshop will take place between 4–10 October 2015 in Belgium. It will gather around 40 representatives of initiatives related to dealing with the past from countries of South Eastern Europe and Western/Central Europe. The aims …

New publication: "An Integrative Symbol for a Divided Country? Commemorating the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 1992-1995 War until Today"

In: Politička misao, Vol.51 No.5, May 2015, 127-156.
Online as pdf:
Abstract: To what extent can deeply divided societies develop integrative and connecting symbols that are transgressing political, social and national borders and division lines? The present text addresses …

In: Cultures of History Forum, Imre Kertész Kolleg University Jena, April 2015.
The article gives an overview of the fragmented culture of history in Bosnia and Herzegovina, twenty years after the end of the 1992-1995 war …

Als nach den Charlie Hebdo-Morden sehr schnell die Parole “Je suis Charlie” auftauchte und zum zentralen Slogan auf sozialen Netzwerken und im öffentlichen Raum wurde, fand ich das einerseits gut und nachvollziehbar: Es ist eine einfache und klare Geste, Solidarität …

Interview with "Rue de la Mémoire"

Interview by Ludovic Fresse, published in, 5.11.2014 (in French):

The fifth annual “Memmemory lab logoory Lab” studytrip and workshop took place between 5–11 October 2014 in Kosovo and Macedonia, and gathered 40 representatives of “dealing with the past”-initiatives from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, the Netherlands …

Interview published in “Sarajevo Times”, 1.10.2014:
Shorter version published in “Novo Vrijeme”, 22.10.2014:

Interview: "A different kind of remembrance"

Interview published in “Balkan Insight”,  25.6.2013

Wake up Europe

Postcard realized during the siege of Sarajevo by the designer group “Trio”.
Reproduced with courtesy of “Trio”