Nicolas Moll

Trans-European Research and Cooperation

The 7th annual studytrip and workshop took place between 9–15 October 2016 in Serbia. The program focused on three main topics of memorialization: the Second World War, the Socialist Yugoslavia, and the period of the 1990s, with the Milosevic-regime and the break-up wars of Yugoslavia. The approach was to explore “told, untold and retold histories” in relation to these periods in today’s Serbia, through visits of sites, encounters with historians, curators and civil society organizations, and group work. The workshop and the study-trip 2016 have been organized by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights BiH, C31 – Center for Developing Children’s Rights Culture, Peace Academy Foundation, French-German Youth Office, Forum ZFD and crossborder factory, in cooperation and with the support of CCFD – Terre Solidaire, the French-German Youth Office, Forum ZFD and the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft.
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