In: La Revue Nouvelle, n°5/2019,
During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 1992 to 1995, numerous individuals and groups in different European countries got engaged to protest against the war and the policy of “ethnic cleansing” and to

New publication: “Enough is enough”: Why and how a Belgian village decided to stop commemorating a massacre from World War One – or did it?

In: Mémoires en jeu / Memories at stake, published online 17.1.2019:
Is there a time to stop commemorating? Two years ago I heard that a village in Belgium, whose population had been massacred by the German Army in 1914,

Participatory-observation-research about “Constructively Dealing with the Past” within RYCO youth exchange projects

One of the goals of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office of the Western Balkans (RYCO) is to support youth projects which aim to contribute to “fostering reconciliation and constructive approaches to remembrance”. How are youth encounters tackling the topics linked …

New publication: Das politische System Bosnien und Herzegowinas, Springer VS, 2018

Tobias Flessenkemper / Nicolas Moll (Hg.), Das politische System Bosnien und Herzegowinas. Herausforderungen zwischen Dayton-Friedensabkommen und EU-Annäherung [The political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Challenges between Dayton-Peace-Agreement and EU-rapprochment], Springer VS, 2018, 310 S.

There are good reasons to deal

Memory Lab: The 8th annual study trip /workshop took place in Spain in September 2017

Is there a “Spanish model” of (not) dealing with the past? The 8th annual study trip/workshop of Memory Lab took place from 17 to  23rd September 2017 in Madrid, Belchite, Barcelona, La Jonquera and Rivelsaltes and focused on the exploration …

“Will Marseille Become Another Sarajevo?” The Memory of Sarajevo 1914 and its Impact on the European Crisis after the Assassination of King Alexander in 1934
In: Südost-Forschungen, Band 75, 2016 (= Festschrift für Wolfgang Höpken – Erfahrungs- und Handlungsräume. Gesellschaftlicher …

Youth Exchange as Motor for Regional Cooperation? – Origins, Development and the Political Significance of the Future “Regional Youth Cooperation Office” (RYCO), in: Südosteuropa Mitteilungen 05-06/2016, 17-26
Abstract: In July 2016, the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo,

The 7th annual studytrip and workshop took place between 9–15 October 2016 in Serbia. The program focused on three main topics of memorialization: the Second World War, the Socialist Yugoslavia, and the period of the 1990s, with the Milosevic-regime and …

New publication: "A positive hero for everyone?  The memorialization of Srđan Aleksić  in post-Yugoslav countries"

In: Contemporary Southeastern Europe 2016, 3(1), 1-31
Abstract: Despite various attempts, the memory of persons who helped and rescued endangered persons “from the other side” during the breakup wars of Yugoslavia is rarely publicly acknowledged. There is, nevertheless, …

New publication: "The mother of all assassinations? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011" (In German and in BCS)

Die Mutter aller Attentate? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011 (The mother of all assassinations? Sarajevo 1914, Marseille 1934, Dallas 1963, Twin Towers 2011), in: Vahidin Preljevic / Clemens Ruthner (ed.), “The long shots of Sarajevo”, 1914-2014. …

Interviews with "Buka" and "Balkan Insight" about Kazani and dealing with the past in BiH and the post-Yugoslav space

“Our Hero, Your killer: A Sarajevo Story”: Interview with “Balkan Insight”, conducted by Denis Dzidic, published online 10.8.2015: English   B/C/S
“Svi trebamo progovoriti gdje su nestale naše komšije u ratu” : Interview with “Buka”, conducted by Elvir Padalović and Aleksandar …

Published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation BiH, Sarajevo, first edition July 2015, second edition September 2016 with an additional afterword, available online as pdf:
German version: Moll UmgangCacoKazani DeutscheVersion
German version Afterword 2016: Nachwort2016 Kazani Moll Dt
Abstract: Two