Nicolas Moll

Trans-European Research and Cooperation

One of the goals of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office of the Western Balkans (RYCO) is to support youth projects which aim to contribute to “fostering reconciliation and constructive approaches to remembrance”. How are youth encounters tackling the topics linked to history and memory? RYCO wants explore this question in order to know more about the possibilities and challenges when working on questions linked to “remembrance and reconciliation” during youth exchanges, with the aim to build capacities of youth organizations to address these questions in future exchanges. In this framework RYCO and crossborder factory have launched in summer 2018 the participatory observation – research-project on the topic “Constructively dealing with the past”, in cooperation with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and youth workers from the Western Balkans and in relation with several RYCO-supported youth projects which are taking place in 2018.
More information: InfoDocument ParticipObservResearch 2018 RYCO_CBF_OFAJ (1)